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My paintings draw  from the colors, lines, and forms in the world around me, from ongoing  projects or ideas, or simply from what emerges in the process of putting  down paint. I tend to establish, either consciously or unconsciously, a  relationship between chance and intention, between limitation and  freedom. I frequently work in series, exploring various approaches to  address a particular form or idea. I sometimes glue paper or write lines  from poems onto a canvas to create depth, texture, or rhythm. Recently,  I’ve been drawn to include shapes such as circles, squiggles and  squares, allowing for more play and humor. I like reminding myself these  are just paintings on canvas, the drips and shapes serving not to  represent, but to play against representation.

Note:  The titles for some paintings are taken from lines in A Boot’s a Boot, a book of poems by Lesle Lewis, and some paintings include actual lines from these poems, written in pencil on the canvas.